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Welcome to our chaos! We imagine since you’re here, you might have a little chaos of your own at home. Or maybe coming soon! We’re Gracie and Sammy and excited to have you here.

We’re sisters who have found ourselves in a similar situation, being mamas to toddlers (3 months apart) and babies (2-weeks apart). However, we have different backgrounds and parenting styles.

Gracie, with a background in child development, has always been nothing short of a child guru. Even from a young age, she’s had an indescribable bond with children. She carried this gift with her from working in preschools, her degrees, teaching kindergarten, and first grade, and now with her own two sweet girls, Harley and Mila. Being a mama has given her a new perspective on her passions of development and education by teaching her how to integrate learning into a realistic chaotic household!

Sammy, with a business background, never really considered herself a “kid person,” but always knew she wanted to be a mama! She’s always enjoyed an element of strategy, from her business courses to working in commercial real estate and now in parenting to her two sweet boys, Dawson and Cooper. Being a mama has sparked a passion in strategic ways to simplify parenting and celebrating being the type of parent that brings you happiness!

Much like our backgrounds, our parenting styles are different. Sight words and schedules bring Gracie happiness. While it’s the simple hacks and a broad strategy for a more go-with-the-flow approach that resonates better with Sammy.

We’ve learned that we thrive when embracing our strengths and not dwelling on the things we don’t love in parenting. And we are walking examples of how this is not a one-size-fits-all approach.



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Embrace What Makes You A Good Mama

Something that is the absolute core of our mission with Supporting Chaos is encouraging you to embrace whatever makes you the best version of yourself as a parent.

For Gracie and me, that looks different in a lot of ways.


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