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A Strategic Baby Registry

New Parents

Written By Sammy Pandolfo
June 26, 2021

If you’re a first-time parent, or it’s been a minute since you were in the baby stage, you might feel overwhelmed with the number of baby products. And the price tags. How has this whole bougie world of baby gear existed and you had no idea??

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If you’re a first-time parent, or it’s been a minute since you were in the baby stage, you might feel overwhelmed with the number of baby products. And the price tags. How has this whole bougie world of baby gear existed and you had no idea??

I’m here to help. But let’s take it a step further from just a baby registry checklist; let’s talk strategy!

Having a strategy in place will help you be more purposeful with your registry. I was not as intentional with my registry. It resulted in unused piles of new expensive baby junk stressing a mama out…and having to spend more out of my own pocket.

Where you host your baby registry matters

It’s 2021, folks. And now, more than ever, almost everyone is familiar with Amazon. It also has the largest selection for anything you might need! My 85-year old grandma uses Amazon daily. The days of making sure you provide a physical store for your registry are over.
I’m a big fan of Amazon’s baby registry.

It checks all the boxes:

Return Policy

Per Amazon’s website, “Gifts purchased from your Baby Registry are eligible for free returns within 365 days of the receipt of your shipment. Baby items purchased by the registry owner can be returned within 90 days of receipt of shipment. All other items are subject to the standard 30-day Amazon Returns Policy.”

  • Also, the gift-giver will not know that you returned it because it will just be returned as an Amazon gift card balance.
  • You can add items from other websites to your Amazon registry. It’s super easy! Just add the toolbar to your browser, and you can add anything to your registry that Amazon doesn’t provide.
  • Gift cards, diaper fund, group gifting (more below)
  • They also offer a completion bonus of 15%

I think you could only use Amazon, and it would be really easy for your gift-givers and keep track of everything in one registry. However, if you’re going for that completion bonus, it can be helpful to have another registry site as well so you’re more likely to get everything off your list.
If you do want to include another registry, I also like Target and Babylist.

Focus on big-ticket items

Gift cards, diaper funds, and big items (with group gifting option).

That’s the focal point of your registry. These are 3 things you will absolutely use. They will not sit in cluttered piles of your nursery. And you’ll have backup funds for when the baby is here to take off some of the financial stress.

You will need random things like…a new shampoo brand because the current brand is giving your baby a rash. Your baby won’t drink out of this type of bottle! Etc.

Here’s the deal. Diaper funds and group gifting funds are redeemed as Amazon gift cards that you can use at any time for anything. But it’s a fun way for the gift-giver to feel more connected to the gift than just sending an actual gift card or cash.

Diaper Fund

Why not just register for diapers? DON’T DO IT! You will end up having to store all the boxes of diapers and way too many of a specific size; usually, size 1 is the culprit. True story, we had enough size 1 diapers for my first baby, the second baby two years later, and still had extras! And holding onto these diapers took up so much storage.

Also, your baby might have sensitive skin or a certain diaper brand gives them a rash. All diapers are not created equal; you will like a certain brand more than others. This is often trial and error so it doesn’t make sense to stock up without knowing what diapers work best for you.

The best part – if you have funds in your amazon account, you can order your favorite diapers when needed and have them delivered in 2-days or less! People like to contribute diapers because they remember how expensive and how many they went through with their little ones. The “diaper fund” is the perfect way for them to contribute!

Group Gifting

I know a big concern is that you don’t only want expensive items on your registry because you want to accommodate all budgets! Parents tend to focus on including items at various price points and end up with more crap than you need.

On Amazon, you can enable group gifting for any dollar amount that you want! You could even do $1. If you do not meet the item’s requirement, you can still redeem the amount as a gift card.

This is such a great way to respect all gift-givers price points!

Remember, every baby is different

Buying a big pack of bottles seems financially smarter than individual bottles that are often more expensive per bottle. The problem is you will most likely go through a few types of bottles until you find the brand your baby thrives on.

Buy 1-3 brands of single bottles. Test those, and you can buy more with your amazon gift cards.

Same with the binky! Our hospital carries the Avent pacifiers. Ask for a few of those from your hospital (where they are free!) and do not add them to the registry. The same idea, add 1 or 2 other brands if you’d like. Both of my babies preferred MAAM, especially as they got a little older.

Okay, I think you probably get the idea so I won’t go into details here…do not be tempted with multiple sizes of the same swaddle; wait and see what works best for your baby!

Take Season Into Consideration

The first few months are survival. You do not need a bunch of cute outfits as your baby will likely be in onesies or pajamas!

For a spring/summer baby- stock up one onesies! Talk to your pediatrician about sunscreen for newborns, because some recommend against it.

For a winter baby- fleece warm onesie pajamas are the best! And warm blankets. Baby jackets are not very practical for your newborn (especially when dealing with car seats).

You are going to rock this baby registry!

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