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Hi! I’m Sammy, one of the two mamas behind Supporting Chaos! Below is a little background on me, but above all, thank you so much for being here. We are so excited to watch this community grow and support other mamas like we’ve been able to do for each other!

I’m very grateful to have grown up in beautiful Charleston, SC (before it got so famous, haha) and graduated with a Finance degree from the University of South Carolina. After graduation, I moved to Chicago for my first “big girl” job in commercial real estate. It was a weather adjustment for this southern girl, but you can’t beat Chicago in the summertime!

Chicago offered a little more than a first job 😊 as I met my husband, Mario! I’m very thankful for my time in Chicago…I’d say I owe that city a lot.

His job eventually moved us to Kansas City, where we started our family. I’ll always miss Charleston beaches (and visit back home a lot), but I’ve also really grown to love Kansas City. It’s such a friendly city, and I can't speak highly enough about raising kids here.

Proud boy mom of Dawson (3-years old in September) and Cooper (1-year old in October); our household is already wild, and I know these boys will continue to keep me on my toes. And drinking coffee and wine.

Traveling is one of my favorite things in the world. My husband and I very rarely do gifts- travel is our love language! I’m a big football fan; even with the South Carolina Gamecocks break my heart. And finally, I love my crazy family more than anything. As the oldest of 4 sisters, we are also extremely close to our three cousins (who are like siblings), so our family rolls deep with the chaos, and I love it!

Alright, that’s all I got for now. Looking forward to getting to know ya’ll!!!

supporting chaos co-founder sammy pandolfo with husband


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