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Healthier Packaged Snacks


Written By Sammy Pandolfo
May 24, 2021

Anyone interested in a bit of positivity?

This is the best time to ever be a parent when it comes to kid’s packaged snacks. Right? We have much better options than the snacks we had growing up!

Toddler and infant sitting in a chair

I know, whole foods are typically the best option, yup, got it, but sometimes (a lot of times) we need convenience.

Typically, what I look for in a snack will add some nutritional value: protein, fiber, calcium, and less sugar. That’s not to say we don’t have fun snacks like the Annie’s Bunny Fruit Snacks (11g sugar), BUT a snack that will help keep them satisfied is a huge win.

Also, for someone who is not a dietician, complex ingredient lists go right over my head. I strive for simplicity when it comes to ingredient lists to better understand what is going in their cute little tummies. Finally, I try to avoid ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, artificial dyes, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, and GMOs (corn, sugar, and canola).

Alright, let’s go over some favorites, shall we?

Serenity Kids Pouches

Starting with my absolute favorite. Dawson has loved these pouches since he was 6-months old, and he still does at 2.5 years old. These are whole food ingredients and not loaded with sugar, as are so many other pouches.

Example: organic butternut squash, organic spinach, water, organic avocado oil.


Dawson isn’t a huge fan of cow’s milk, so I love the pouches (particularly with spinach) to get in a little extra calcium! These are must-have items when traveling, as they give you a little peace of mind that your kids are still getting in veggies and healthy fats!

Thrive Market is our go-to place to buy these pouches!

Toddler and infant sitting in a chair

Meat Sticks

Grass-fed beef, minimal ingredients, and an excellent source of protein!

Favorite brands: Thrive Market, Nick’s Sticks, Chomps

Hummus cups or Avocado

Costco has a great Kirkland brand of organic hummus cups! Look for minimal ingredients.

Single-serving avocado cups are everywhere these days! Check out the ingredients; they should either just be avocados or avocadoes with basics like lemon and sea salt.

Simple Mills Crackers

For dipping in the hummus or avocado… or trying not to eat the whole box of Farmhouse Cheddar. These have whole food ingredients starting with their nut & seed flour blend of almonds, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds. I like the individual bags too for a bit of novelty for my toddler!


Tastes like Cheetos are made with chickpea flour, so they’ll get a little extra protein while snacking!

toddler and infant sitting in chair playing together

Good Pop Popsicles

I strive to be the mama with homemade popsicles always in her freezer! One day. But for today, my freezer is stocked with these for convenience. Better ingredients and they even have all the nostalgia flavors like a creamsicle and those red, white, and blue popsicles!

Mamma Chia Pouches

These are awesome because they have Chia Seeds for some healthy Omega 3s and no added sugar!

Annie’s products

This is pretty much the go-to brand for giving your kids the “classic” kids snacks with better ingredients! Some products are better than others, but they are still a much better alternative! Annie’s cheddar bunnies are a favorite in our house!

Harvest Snaps

The first ingredient is green peas! It’s a much better option than most “chips” on the Market.

Once Upon a farm Pouches

Really nothing beats Serenity Kids for me, but this is another excellent pouch brand! Lazy mom hack for better popsicles is squeezing these into a popsicle mold!

That’s It Bars

Whole fruit is usually an easy option but sometimes just throwing one of these bars into a diaper bag is even more convenient! Fruit is the only ingredient in these bars for a fun on-the-go snack.

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