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So, Your Toddler Has A Thing For Trucks?


Written By Sammy Pandolfo
May 27, 2021

The truck phase. I wasn’t prepared.

toddler boy smiling in doorway with toy truck

We didn’t own toy trucks at first. But one day, they started construction at our local park. Dawson would sit there for at least a solid 15 minutes (which is like 2 hours in adult time) and watch these trucks in awe. And then I noticed he spent all his time at the park, either watching construction or playing with the truck toys in the sandbox.

So we bought him his first toy truck. One of his first words was “Excavator.” And it snowballed from there.

I know so many mamas who have found themselves with an excavator-obsessed toddler, so there is a common theme here. (And this isn’t just for the boys! If your toddler girl is obsessed with trucks, too, then- heck yes!)

10 of the Best Truck Toys and Books

Trashy Town

We are starting strong with one of our favorites! If you’ve ever spent time watching a trash truck with your toddler, you’ll love this book! I looked forward to trash day in quarantine last year as we’d walk alongside the trash truck as he’d go down our street #desperatetoddlermama

Caterpillar Skid Steer Loader

I don’t know what it is about this exact truck, but it was like Dawon’s baby doll for a while. Yes, he slept with it. He ate dinner with it. It was always by his side. Every time he brought it to the park, we’d have other toddler boys flock to this exact truck. One mom said her son wouldn’t stop talking about the “truck from the park,” she said her husband bought it that night!

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

This whole family of truck books are our favorites! They’re also reasonably priced around $5-7! More in the family: Excavator’s 123, Dump truck’s Colors, Bulldozer’s Shapes.

Also, this lunchbox is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen (or at least the cutest thing with a truck on it).

Mini Trucks

These have small parts, so make sure your child is old enough to play with them or only under your supervision! These are AWESOME to pack in the diaper bag for restaurants or on the go! Another option we’ve loved!

Little Blue Truck

Another family of truck books that we adore! The Halloween book is my son’s favorite, and we read it year-round! Another mama saw me at Target looking at books and highly recommended it; mamas helping mamas- I love it. The Christmas book is awesome, too, because there is a tree that lights up in the end! The last favorite of this group is Springtime!

Truck Balloons

Okay, this might feel a little random. My son’s birthday this year was all truck themed, and even with all the presents….he was the most excited about these balloons that came in our party kit! Sometimes the random things can be the most fun! I don’t think it has to be a birthday to use these; it could be “just for fun” or a small celebration for a potty training goal? Staying in a big boy bed? Toddler distraction while you feed your new baby?

Trash Truck

Oh, the trash truck. It’s a toddler favorite.

Dump Truck

This Classic dump truck is such a great toy! He got this for his first birthday, and it’s DURABLE, so it’s still his favorite today at 2.5!


This excavator + sand or dirt will be your toddler’s favorite activity! My son loves that you can move the arm and dig!

A Few Extras

And a few final favorite books, Trucks (lift the flaps), Where Do Diggers Sleep At Night, Go-Go Construction Trucks!

little boy playing with toy truck

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