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Strange Yet Useful Toddler Tips


Written By Gracie Revland
May 27, 2021

Ah, toddlers. The most adorable, hilarious, and confusing tiny humans. They have so much going on in their tiny little heads, and sometimes, let’s admit it, they win. They push adults to the edge, and it’s only human sometimes to cave.

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You gave them something you told yourself you wouldn’t or lost your cool when you didn’t think you would. We’ve all been there.

So here are some pretty funny toddler tricks that might not only give you a laugh but will help you hold on to a little more of your sanity. Unlike some of my other posts, these are by no means research-based and might not be best practice, but they get you through the damn situation. We all know sometimes you just need to do just that, get through it smoothly.

Lollipop Restaurant Hack

Never go to a restaurant without a lollipop hidden in your purse. Why? Well, let’s say the food is taking too long or unlimited bread or chips on the table. Your hungry toddler can only stand to be so patient to wait for their meal. So pull out the lollipop. Lollipop’s take them a little while to eat, and though it might be some extra sugar, it prevents them from getting too full while still fulfilling their desire to eat something.

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Always get ready an hour before you have to leave

I started to do this with my toddler, and it CHANGED. MY. LIFE. Toddlers are so unpredictable, and when they throw that surprise fit seconds before walking out the door, not only will you be late, but everyone will be flustered. However, when you get ready early, and that fit happens, you got time! Time for everyone to cool down without added stress of being late.

Throw in some fun competition

My daughter might have some competitiveness to her personality in the future but let me tell you, it works. Need them to go potty but know they don’t want to? Try yelling, “I’m gonna go potty first,” and race them to the potty. My daughter runs to the bathroom and sits on that toilet so fast every time! What about time to go to bed but they don’t want to go to their room? Try yelling “I’m gonna win” and start racing to their room; it works like a charm.

Fake cleaning supplies

Keep your old spray bottles and wash them and fill them with water, keep some old clothes that don’t fit anymore in the laundry room, or supply a bucket with soapy water in the shower with a rag. When you have to get some cleaning done, let them do it with you! Let them spray the table with some water, pretend to fold clothes you don’t care about unfolding, and rub some soapy water over the shower tile. They want your attention, so give significant praise and let them think they are doing you a huge favor. It might even teach some good skills!

Draw big toes on the bottom of shoes

If your toddler likes doing things independently like mine, this is a good hack for you. Draw a big toe with a sharpie on the bottom of their shoes on the same side the big toe should be on. Teach them to match the big toe with their big toe, and you’ll always get them to put their shoes on the right feet!

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