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The Stand-Alone Best Baby Product

New Parents

Written By Sammy Pandolfo
May 26, 2021

Every baby is different. Every parent has different needs for a baby product. So it’s impossible to say something is the best baby product for everyone, right? It’s not one size fits all.

smiling baby in bjorn bouncer

Okay, but hear me out, this is pretty darn close.

My bold statement: the Baby Bjorn bouncer is the best investment for parents in the baby swing category (bouncers, Mamaroo, or just any place to happily set your baby down for a few minutes of sanity).

Let’s dive into why:

Every. Baby. Is. Different.

Ask any mom how their baby liked the baby swing, and you’ll get a wide range of outcomes. It was either a game-changer, so-so… or went back into storage (spoiler alert: like with my first baby, Dawson).

Here’s the story. Dawson’s reflux was so intense that his poor little tummy couldn’t handle any type of swing – even on the lowest setting. He also was the baby that ALWAYS wanted to be held. Oh, and take all his naps on mama. And with his reflux, he needed to be upright for about 30 minutes after each feeding. Feeding, upright for 30 minutes, attempt a tummy time, nap on mama. It was an exhausting cycle with two outcomes – constantly holding a baby or hearing a screaming baby on the floor

So, needless to say, about a month into the newborn stage, I was really struggling. I felt like I could barely find the time to take a shower, let alone cook something that somewhat resembled a balanced meal.

And then (insert dramatic music, please), the baby Bjorn entered my life. Even without being completely upright, he was just upright enough that it helped his tummy, and I could set him down. And being upright, staring at the lights or mama, he was happy. It was a little slice of freedom. And by freedom, I mean I put actual food in an oven and not the microwave. Even took a shower.

baby in a bjorn bouncer with a santa hat

The bouncer is perfect because the baby controls the motion and can sit up enough to still see mama. You can also add any fun accessories like this to keep them occupied and for teething!


You do not have to forgo prime living room real estate to a bulky, heavy, and even sometimes ugly baby swing. And the problem with most baby swings is you’re stuck leaving them in the same spot. Not only is the bouncer more aesthetically pleasing – it’s lightweight and easy to transport wherever you need it. Need to get a shower? Bring the bouncer to the bathroom! Laundry? Cook dinner? No problem- your baby Bjorn is there for you, mama.


The cover is straightforward to remove and throw in the washing machine (I use delicate). It’s lightweight, and the material air dries quickly! Spit up and blowout proof. This is one of the few items that was practically good as new when I pulled it out of storage for my second baby.


This was such a game-changer for Dawson…we packed it up twice to fly and visit my Nana for the first time and home to Charleston for Christmas! Yup, you heard that right; our bouncer has earned its wings! Not to mention how easy it is to fold for a car trip, friend’s house, etc.


Everyone tells you to enjoy your baby- because the baby phase does not last long! The same goes for most baby products. They serve a great purpose for a short amount of time. Most swings aren’t designed for when your baby starts sitting up, so the bulky swing will go down to taking up precious storage space! The baby Bjorn bouncer has 3 different positions for your baby and can even be used as a toddler chair when you have a 2-year old!

Secondly, because it’s easy to store, you can keep it for future babies. Our family is on a longer baby hiatus this time around, so we’re having to be intentional about the baby items that warrant storage space. This folds up and hardly takes up any space, so it’s truly an item that has long-term value if you decide to have more nuggets running around!

Final thoughts: I’m not hating on the baby swing! My second baby, Cooper, loved a good swing.

But he also loved the bouncer….

So if you’re a new parent that wants to “swing” both items, go for it! But if you’re choosing between one item? The value pick is in… and it’s the Baby Bjorn Bouncer!

baby in bjorn bouncer at kitchen table

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