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Thoughtful Gifts For A New Mama

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Written By Sammy Pandolfo
May 27, 2021

When a new mama enters motherhood, they will never be the same. And this isn’t to scare anyone! It’s just different – beautiful and wonderful, but also hard at the same time.

mom holding toddler and infant

And it begins in pregnancy! A mama-to-be fills their homes with baby products, clothes, and all things baby-related. The selfless-ness that is motherhood begins. I want to be that friend that reminds them that they matter so much. Their mental health and who they are as a person (not just a mama) is important.

So I love sending a gentle reminder to take care of themselves and that you’re there for THEM too (not just the sweet new baby). Taking care of yourself mentally as a new mama is not always easy.

Also, if you are the new mama buying yourself a gift and your own reminder- I AM HERE FOR IT! You can absolutely be your own reminder.

If you’re gifting a friend. Here’s an example of a note I might add:

“Hi X! I wanted to send a little something for YOU! Because you deserve it. Taking care of yourself first as a new mama is hard. And so this is my reminder that you matter so much!! And I am here for you, always, in whatever you need.”

collage of different gifts for new mom

Herbivore – Natural Coconut Milk Bath Soak

8 ounce $22; 16 ounce $32

This bath soak is first on this list for a reason. I’m completely obsessed. If the new mama is a bath lover, do not read any further, you found your gift!

Yes, this is expensive for a bath soak. But it’s splurge-worthy and another reason it makes such a terrific gift. It’s downright luxurious, and for a new mama who might be feeling a little worn down, it’s the perfect pick-me-up.

It feels like you just left the spa and helps shed the dead skin, so you get out of the bath feeling lighter! But this spa, located in their bathroom, is a little practical escape for a new mama!

Kendra Scott Stud Earrings

$60 on Amazon

KS might be a little bit “out” these days? But these studs are my absolute favorite to feel more” put together” even with lack of sleep. They brighten up your whole face. I can even sleep in them, or I’ll put them on my nightstand for a leisurely morning grab. See the pic above…PJs, few days old baby, and KS studs. You’ll see them with every picture of my sweet baby Cooper and me! Even at the hospital!


$129 for original; $199 for Airpods Pro

I have the original; they are cheaper, and I love them! However, some people find the Airpods Pro more comfortable.

As a mom, they are essential!!! You need both hands, always (truthfully, you need about 17 hands, but we’ll have to start with what ya got).

I think these are practical and can help a new mama mentally. Catching up with a friend, listening to a podcast or audiobook is much more realistic when you have both hands free of juggling a phone. This can provide a much-needed little escape – even while still doing laundry. The daily grind is less of a grind when you can multitask with AirPods, I’m telling ya.

Wine Subscription or Box

And she’s back! This is such a fun gift idea after 9 long months of a wine-lover missing their vino. And anything that is delivered straight to your door is clutch in the newborn days!

Winc is an excellent, affordable, and fun option! $39 per month for 3 bottles or gift card option!

First Leaf $90 per month for 6 bottles

Dry Farm Wines, made popular by Kristen Cavallari, is fun for an organic wine lover! You can give a one-time gift box or subscription. One-time gifts are $94 for 3 bottles or $171 for 6 bottles. Or $159 for 6 bottles in membership

Thrive Market also has wine boxes!

Thrive Market

$59 for a one-year membership & option to add a gift card

Discounted healthy groceries delivered straight to their door. This is so convenient for a new mama! We’ve honestly been using Thrive market for years, and it’s the best new mama survival hack. Grocery shop while feeding your baby!!

For The White Claw Lover

Or whatever their favorite seltzer might be! I think a pack of their favorite seltzer, a Skinny can cooler, and/or a seltzer notepad would be such a fun gift to welcome them back to enjoying it!

This is just one idea of MANY gift ideas from this mama-owned business Social Shop KC…she specializes in gifting gals; so I wouldn’t blame you if stopped here and start browsing ideas from the mama gifting G.O.A.T 😊

Loopy Phone Case


MAMAS NEED ALL THEIR HANDS. I guess I’m shouting it now, but it’s very accurate. Loopy is the best phone case. It has a loop attached to it, so you can even hold your phone with your pinky while carrying a million other things! Ask their husband for their phone version or buy a gift card.

Phone Grip

$9.99 on Amazon

Same idea as Loopy, but you can add to your existing phone case!

YETI Coffee Mug or Ember Mug

Yeti $29; Ember $129

As cliché as it might be, it’s tough to keep your coffee warm as a new mom. It’s true.

This Yeti is excellent for a more affordable option and dishwasher safe! The Ember Mug is the hot (yup) new mug on the market.

Postmates/Uber Eats/Door Dash gift card

Depending on the best food delivery service in your area! Cooking a meal with a newborn is not an easy task. This is one of the most practical gifts you can give!

Personalized Mama And Me Hat

I really love this idea for a summertime boy mama! But absolutely could use for a girl mama too! There are a ton of options on Etsy! I think black, gray, navy (actually I like almost all of them haha) with cursive font would be cute with “mama” and the baby name!

Here’s an example:

mom and son in pool with matching hats

(This is not my picture and I cannot find the source. Please let us know if you know it, so we can give credit!)

Mama or Personalized Necklace

Options starting at $32; $48 for Mama

These Made By Mary necklaces are the best! I wear mine even in the shower and it still looks great!

The mama or personalized necklaces are simple, cute and can help a new mama feel a little bit more “put together.” The personalized will be fun if they’ve announced baby’s name!

Alice & Wonder “Hot Mom Shit” Mug or “Fun Mom” wine glass

Mug $16 and Wine Glass $14

There are so many cute ideas here. I love something that will make a new mama laugh every time she grabs it! I have a mug that says “This is Going Well” and it truly makes me laugh every morning amongst chaos.

Outdoor blanket

Laying in the backyard or at a park with your baby soaking up the sweetness is the best! A dedicated outdoor blanket is such a fun gift to inspire a picnic! A little fresh air is good for the whole family! And bonus, it’s a cute backdrop for baby pics.

Sand Cloud XL Towels $68

Mexican Serape Blanket $24

Social Shop (mama-owned shop mentioned above) $68

Luxury Turkish Oversized Beach Blanket $49

XL Turkish Towel $29

XL Dual Layer Turkish Towel $44

Westmeath $32

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